Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bringing in 2016 with a brand new Blog and a FREEBIE!

I'm SUPER excited about my brand new blog!!!  It took a while, but it's finally complete.  I want to thank Megan Favre at A Bird in Hand Designs for her talented design skills!

I moved to 1st grade last year and was so excited, that I wanted a brand new blog to go along with the new move.    I  have another blog titled 3rd Grade Grapevine, as I had been a 3rd grade teacher for many years!   At first, I put a few 1st grade things up on my 3rd grade blog, but just felt that wasn't the best place for them.  I also felt like those readers would rather read about 3rd grade teaching material and classroom events, so I hesitated to blog about my 1st grade happenings.  Solution... create a 1st grade specific blog!  Yeah!!!

About the move to 1st grade....  Being honest, most of us do not like change, and I must admit it took a lot of additional work (I knew it would), but I was ready for a new perspective!  Wow!  Did I get it!  I knew it would be uncomfortable at first, not knowing the curriculum like the back of my hand as I had in 3rd, and having to create all new material from scratch.  That's actually, one reason I put off the move as long as I did.  Another reason I waited, was to have my youngest child get to 3rd grade with me.  I had done that with the other two, and she didn't want Momma to move before she got there!  LOL

I've started working on a new series of products called American Heroes.  These products will contain material for both primary and upper elementary grades.  I've just completed the first product in this series just in time for MLK day, Monday, January 18th.  You can find this product on TPT simply titled Martin Luther King, Jr., or click on the cover image or preview below to go directly there.

To celebrate this brand new blog and the start of a brand new series of products,  I'm posting a FREEBIE here for my readers.  Just click if you want Martin Luther King, Jr. The Early Years, and you will to be taken to Google Docs to grab your freebie.

Here are some great books I have in my classroom library that I like to read aloud.  My students love to take the books I read aloud, and put then in their book box to read during independent reading time that day. 


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Check back soon to find out the next person in the American Heroes series.  Get my GRAB button or  click FOLLOW me on this blog, and you'll receive a notification of my next post.

I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!

I would love to hear from you...  What do you think of my brand new blog?  Just click on the "comment' button below.


  1. I love the look of your new blog!!! It looks great!!


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